October 29, 2021

In Hong Kong, going to these places with someone you like is a serious affair.

Victoria Harbour, of course, from the sky

There are a hundred ways to learn how to open Victoria Harbour, but the most unique must be through this.

Located on top of the oldest luxury hotel in Hong Kong, the Peninsula Chengdu, the Helicopter Club is one of the most affordable helicopter services in the world 香港拍拖好去處. Thanks to the group's owner's love of helicopters, The Peninsula Chengdu is the only hotel in Hong Kong to have its own apron and helicopter. The Helicopter Club even has a real Hamilton helicopter propeller set into the wall.

Upon arrival at the hotel's helipad on the 30th floor (plus another Wanchai departure point), you'll experience a truly expansive view of Victoria Harbour and one of the most beautiful city skylines in the world. There are four private routes to choose from, including a 15-minute Hong Kong Island tour, a 30-minute Kowloon tour and a Hong Kong Island tour. There are also supposedly wealthy private charter proposals (ahem, not implying anything). The helicopter took off with a splash, spinning 360 degrees in the air, and the smell, that old psychedelic!

It's not over yet.

If you pick the right time, you can return to the lobby of The Peninsula to experience Hong Kong's most famous English afternoon tea. This place is also a favorite of Eileen Chang. Rumor has it that Eileen Chang's obsessive nostalgia for Hong Kong included afternoon tea and a full set of silver tableware at the Peninsula. So, what you drink here is not just tea, it's simply the history of Hong Kong. (Also a little too elegant)

Sun, Moon and Star Street, the old dream of new life

For a hot girl guy in general, Wanchai's Star Street district development can be called China Hong Kong without a most "type" of location, by the Sun Street, Moon Street, Star Street (listen to this name we have to students fall in love) and Wing Fung Street. Many corporate young female artists and designers can start their own businesses here, so there are many antique stores, handmade stores and designer stores in the neighborhood. Of course, there are also traditional food, and there are two Michelin restaurants in Star Street alone.

After turning the corner from the crowded Queen's Road, the air felt quiet and the stores on the street were filled with singing shopkeepers. It's so artsy! This is definitely a place to love. Type. It's like girls are stargazers.

Wanchai ghost strange newstour, please bring your own leopard guts

Being in a lively Wan Chai streets, this night, but the atmosphere is completely meet different. Sneak walking tour of the guide sister turned those through the black and white contrast photos at the same time, headphones came to carry out a paragraph development and a paragraph about the former Wan Chai, Hong Kong, you will suddenly be able to find themselves standing in their that make people creepy, cold sweat straight "the scene of the incident enterprise". Whether you believe it or not, even in the heat of the day to walk this section of the road, will still be because of the feeling of students if there is no Yin ...... journey time after, we all we want to learn in order to learn as soon as possible to walk to the most light, popularity is also the most places.

From the brightly lit Southorn Stadium, slowly towards the cross streets and alleys, from another perspective to see the history and culture of Wan Chai, those most ordinary places, behind the scenes may hide the most unexpected horror stories. Standing in front of what is known as the most "active" haunted house, you may not expect to hear or see any "special features". (Already see the girls snuggling up to their guy friends!

The Prodigal Son's House instantly transports to France

A walk along Stanley Beach at the southern tip of Hong Kong Island, enjoying the sun, sand, cool breeze and the beautiful Murray House, is like being on a beach in the south of France. Occasionally there are small artisan markets, Spanish restaurants and German restaurants at Murray House. Blowing the sea breeze, enjoying the sea view and enjoying the food, that's what you should do when you fall in love.

Murray Building combines the architectural and cultural characteristics of the East and West, imitating Greece for retro-style round stone columns, Chinese tile roof of a roof, faintly penetrating them a kind of Chinese classical beauty. However, you absolutely lead to think that this three-storey high granite as a building enterprise originally company is located in Central's Garden Road, demolished in 1982, the Hong Kong People's Government can decide to find another place for economic reconstruction, therefore, the Murray House more than 3,000 pieces of granite numbered, in 1998 in Stanley re-combined by stacking up.

Hollywood Road, Central, where galleries gather

Tucked between bars and trendy restaurants, the art gallery in SoHo, Hong Kong's Central, seems deliberately rebellious, or perhaps it's trying to find a balance for a place so full of desire. After a full meal in the food court, explore the place. If you don't feel like seeing it all, you can also take a walking tour. Starting from Hollywood Road, the guide will take the group through SoHo's seven galleries in two hours, explaining them as they go (the most amazing thing is that it will be in Mandarin, and there is a Tour in addition to English).

Stroll through the different galleries of various types of businesses in SoHo, from modern to contemporary, Chinese to exotic, learn about these installations for art, sculpture, painting and photography, and learn about the different social forms of art, the survival and development of Hong Kong galleries, and art auction trivia from multiple angles of analysis and inquiry. You will find that Hong Kong issues are not traditional culture for the desert.

A little more natural and original.

Chi Lin Fung Yuen, a Zen place

If it is selected as "the noisiest and quietest place in Hong Kong", Chi Lin Nunnery is definitely number one. Wong Tai Sin is only one stop away, but the Diamond Hill MTR station of Chi Lin Nunnery and the connection to the South Lotus Garden Street, is unique. Nearby is a highway with noisy vehicles, but once you enter the courtyard door there is only the sound of Buddha's voice, and time and time again it does not work.

Chi Lin Garden is based on the traditional wooden architecture of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, with wooden components combined with mortise and tenon. The statue of Buddha and Bodhisattva is based on the descriptions of Buddhist scriptures and references the style of statues made during the Sheng Tang period, showing the unique will and virtue of Buddha and Bodhisattva. The south, east and west doors of the entire hall are the "Mountain Gate", "East Gate" and "West Gate" respectively, and the overall architectural layout is "three entrances, three doors and one courtyard ". In addition, there is a guqin club in the garden every once in a while. It should feel good to sit here and think about life and talk about ideals).

Climb a mountain, look at the sea, pull a girl and stroll around the school

The truth is, to fall in love, you have to go to college, and school is always the most naive place to date. It doesn't matter if it's the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, or CUHK. It is recommended that everyone who takes the East Rail Line should stop at the "University" station and take a tour of the university. There are mountains, lakes, plants, and churches where they can get married.

The CUHK University Library, built in the 1960s, still looks stylish and is the most fashionable yet. Each of the corrugated tube-shaped four exterior walls is a place for self-study, with light on two sides, facing the view, and design genius. And of course the famous harmony of man and nature, not to be missed. Facing the summer evening breeze, I felt back to my innocent student days.

A "whoosh" of flying ropes on the cliff

Did you know that Hong Kong students in China have a world-class engineered geological national park selected by UNESCO? On a par with Australia's Kanawinka Geopark, volcanic rock studies date back as far as 500 million years to the Paleozoic period. Located in the eastern and northeastern part of the New Territories, Hong Kong is a geopark with the most fashionable and exciting outdoor sports - rock climbing and ziplining. And the economic climate of Hong Kong is warm, basically we can participate through the rest of the seasonal changes except for the winter rainy season.

The instructor said, to fly over, courage is more important than everything else, and excitement and fear are only a thought away. After jumping in the body, most people will want to fly again. Probably because the first time is too excited, forget to see the scenery. So the instructor will arrange 2-3 times of flying rope, if the number of more than 10, will also arrange rope rockfall (Abseiling). If you have a Go pro, you are strongly recommended to bring it along (I don't know if you can fly with two people).

Look for pink dolphins in Tai O

There are certain places in Hong Kong where you will have a feeling of transcendence. Tai O, for example, located at the tip of Lantau Island, is at one with nature, both simple and refreshing. Here, in addition to strolling through the streets and lanes and people's simple fishing village life, you can put on sporty costumes and go to another style of island to understand the scenery.

With colorful shacks on the water, lush mountain trails, and turbulent waterfalls, you can trek with your feet, take a deep breath to get rid of the vulgar air, and paddle along the shore with a paddle, you can discover more unusual scenery. Meanwhile, under the sunlight, you can play the dynamic factor on the sea and experience the personality of Tai O from different angles. If you're lucky, you're more likely to encounter the lively and unique pink dolphins!

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