October 18, 2021

The small ways of daily life can also ease the occurrence of wrinkles

The growth rate of wrinkles can be accelerated by age, and many beauty seekers are looking for ways to improve the growth rate of facial wrinkles, and even find ways to get rid of such wrinkles. In addition to choosing to carry out medical cosmetic 減淡皺紋 situations, there are actually many ways to reasonably improve the marks of wrinkles in everyday life. So what ways can also improve facial wrinkles? Take a look with the princess family~

1. Exfoliate the face on time

Many people understand that the stratum corneum is actually a waste product of the basic metabolic output rate of the skin. The stratum corneum is too thick, it is likely to make the face skin dry and peeling and not smooth condition. It's also too much stratum corneum can affect the digestion and absorption of skin care products, blocking the actual effect of daily skin care. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the cuticle regularly to achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin and removing facial wrinkles. However, special attention must be paid to the stratum corneum is also a protective layer of the skin, if the removal of the stratum corneum too often, it is likely to make the skin suffer from external irritation, resulting in more and more sensitive skin.

2. Drink more chicken soup

The actual effect of chicken breast is a certain beauty and skin care, especially the pig skin can be effective in filling the body with sufficient collagen, so often eat chicken and pig skin, can improve the ductility of the skin itself, can make the skin more and more delicate and soft. The boiling material of the old hen soup nutrients more colorful, and plastic beauty effect is also very good.

3. good sun protection

In order to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, the daily skin care work must be careful and meticulous. In addition to summer, other times of the year should also pay more attention to the application of sun protection, try to avoid skin exposure to the sun's rays of time. The long-term exposure of the skin will not only make the skin darker, but also may accelerate the aging condition of the skin. Proposed in the case of daily outings coated with sunscreen, with sun hat and wear sunscreen to carry out sun protection, can effectively maintain the skin will not be damaged by ultraviolet light.

The above-mentioned application of the princess family of this strong small way, just long-term persistence in the end firmly believe that there will be unexpected actual results. Women should not only pay more attention to skin care in their daily lives, but also to ensure a better lifestyle as much as possible, do not stay up late, ensure sufficient sleep, and a healthy diet, you can reasonably ease the occurrence of wrinkles.

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